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2018 is providing new inspiration and new venues to pursue! I am planning on entering new shows and putting some of the ones that I have participating in for many years, on hold for this year. I simply cannot enter ALL of them, so choices have to be made. With that comes new excitement and ideas though. I started off the new year with entering the "18" show at Salmon Arm Art Gallery, an exciting show with something like 330 pieces of art work, all had to be 18" x 18", or 18" x 18" x 18". All the flat work is hung within centimetres of each other like tiles from floor to ceiling. Although it goes against the "rules" for hanging art, it looks amazing! In February I am hanging one or two paintings in Enderby's Courtyard Gallery, a new venue for me. I entered two paintings in the on-line FCA show, both got juried in and one received an "Honourable Mention". I plan to enter the Kamloops FCA show in April and participate in Salmon Arm's Culture Crawl in August. I will be paired with From The Neck Up, a hair salon, and hang several paintings in the shop. October brings me to Armstrong's Art Gallery where I will be having a show with Jamie Frazer, Gail Dyer and Molly March. In November I am doing a project for a show at the Salmon Art Gallery involving light or lights...the show is called "Dark Nights". And that is what is on my calendar so far... I think I will be busy!

(posted on 20 Jan 2016)

It is always great to be accepted into a juried exhibition, and the Shuswap Artist's Annual Juried Members' Exhibition is no exception. I am looking forward to opening night especially, I love meeting and talking with everyone, artists and patrons alike. I am excited to see what my fellow artists have entered too.

These kind of events are very inspiring as well. I have a new drawing/painting on my desk at the moment, I have finally arranged a still life with some of my many treasures and mementos and am working from that "tableau". I see now why I haven't done this very! Its difficult to find the room to make up an arrangement of objects, leave them there and hopefully not have them get messed up! (no fingers pointed...but, I do have a curious cat). I am looking forward to seeing how this painting progresses, there are some different elements involved that I haven't tackled before.

(posted on 14 Jul 2015)

I haven't participated in The Shuswap Lake Festival of Arts for many, many years...this year I received a lovely emailed invitation to participate. How could I refuse? Summer is a very busy time for art shows and events - as you can imagine! I have to pick and choose and decide what I have time for and what I can handle with out causing stress to me and my husband. But I am pleased to be participating this year and hope to see lots of familiar faces when I volunteer on Saturday, July 25 from 12 until 2. The show starts Thursday, July 23 and ends on Sunday, July 26.

I have also been accepted for Art Walk in Lake Country again this year. Sept. 12 & 13

(posted on 24 Oct 2014)

Today I found out that 2 of my paintings "China Town" and "Winter Marsh" have been accepted into the FCA's first on-line show. It will be up soon on their website (or go to "links" at the top of the page and look for Federation of Canadian Artists) and will run until Dec.31, 2014.

Its a busy day, I got an email confirming my inclusion in the "Under 100" show at Lake Country Art Gallery too! Most of the art work will be 100 sq. inches, my paintings will be 6" x 8" and 5" x 7". It starts Nov.22 and goes until Dec.20. This should keep me busy!

(posted on 29 Aug 2014)

Sept.6 and 7, 2014 10:00 am to 5 pm I will be attending my booth in the Large Gym (near the middle where the stage is set up), I will have 17 art pieces of variuos sizes and price points and I hope to see some familiar faces there! I always have a wonderful time speaking with attendees and other artists and I always come away with new friends. : )

(posted on 23 May 2014)

Recently I visited The Red Gallery in OakBay near Victoria, its a really nice space in a lovely location on Oak Bay Ave. The owners are very friendly and welcoming as well. I found out that they were holding a "Mystery Show" in June . It is a "lottery" style draw to see who gets first, second, third etc. pick of the paintings to buy. There were 103 artists vying for a chance to participate and only 40 were chosen...lucky me, I was chosen! All the paintings are 10" x 10" and only signed on the back. thats where the "mystery"comes in...potential purchasers chose the paintings they want to buy only by what they like, not by price or artist's name! All paintings are the same price - $295. Should be fun!

Salmon Arm Art Gallery presents “Saga: The Art of Storytelling in the 21st Century” opening reception at 7pm with live music, storytelling and refreshments. Admission by donation. Everyone welcome. I have been one of 10 artists chosen to design a "book cover" for the new show at the art gallery. Opening night is Friday, May 2nd @ 7 pm. It has been a challenge to come up with a book cover idea as there is no "theme". I enjoyed doing this art work and hope it meets with approval - you can find my finished piece under "Art Work", the title is "The Saga of a Culvert". I hope to see some of you at the opening too!

(posted on 14 Oct 2013)

I am pleased to say that have been accepted into the Lake Country Art gallery's "Under 100" Exhibition. It will run from Nov. 23 - Dec.21, 2013. Art work must be under 100 and under $100, or under 200 sq. in. and under $200 or under 300 sq. in. and under $300. Most of my pieces will be under 100 sq. in (6" x 8" and 8" x 8"). Looking forward to a new experience by entering this show, I hope some of you can make it!

(posted on 10 Sep 2013)

Thanks to everyone who came by my booth to say hello and chat awhile. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting old friends and new friends. it was a very busy year this time at Art Walk, Saturday and Sunday were both steadily busy all day. I sold 3 small paintings and had lots of inquiries about commissions, I always find it quite energizing and inspiring. Meeting so many great artists and seeing what they are doing is always fun and inspirational. i also have 2 small 8" x 8" paintings in the Lake Country Art Gallery, also on Bottom lake Rd., they will be there until Oct.4. Please stop by and see the show and have a coffee next door at the funky and friendly Lake Country Coffee House!

(posted on 3 Sep 2013)

I am all packed up and readt to set up my space at the Community Complex in Lake Country (Winfield). I will be setting up on Friday between 5 and 9 pm and i am looking forward to the event! i always meet such great people and artists and I am sure it will the same this year. I have 15 paintings this year, many of them are 6" x 8" and 8" x 8". All of them are "wrapped", by that i mean I have wrapped and adhered my watercolour/pen & ink paintings onto and around a canvas frame and applied a clear acrylic coating to the outside. This process allows me to hang the paintings without a frame or glass, much easier, lighter and less expensive!

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