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Do you know that there is very very little that Kevin and I wouldn't have hanging from our walls. Every time you post a new piece we have to remind ourselves that there is simply no room no matter how much we love the piece. I have always loved your artwork, do you realize that it's been 40-41 years!! I have told the story often of watching you in school take a pen and a National Geographic and simply draw the photo, blew me away. I look forward to more of your work and acquiring a bigger house to display more of your work.
Debbie Grant - 13 Nov 2017
I really enjoy your work Frieda. I appreciate so much the way you create - You are the first Okanagan's artist whom has drawn my attention by your unique style and your cool subjects. Thanks! Maud
Maud Besson - 2 Mar 2014
Love my "Salmon Ran" painting. I can see many more "Frieda Martin's" hanging on my walls in the future. Thank you again.
Debbie Grant - 25 Mar 2013
Love The Barstools. Would also love to beat you at Scrabble!
Lin Maxwell - 17 Jan 2012
I love your painting of Lola! Proud of my sis!
Karina Silvergieter - 29 Dec 2011
Wow, amazing job! I like your technique. Keep drawing, Frieda!
Eiko Uehara - 5 Sep 2010
It was a big surprise to see you. We looked at your work and we like it very much. Ita is trying to choose one of your (or 2?) paintings. Do you send them by post? Look forward to answer. Ita and Kees.
Ita Anderson - 27 Jun 2010
Wonderful to browse on your website and see your excellent work. My favourites are Salt Spring Air and the Salmon Arm Fall Fair series. Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement to keep up with my painting. February 17, 2010
Roselyh Phare - 16 Feb 2010
It was a pleasant surprise to see you at the "Affordable Art" show opening this evening, and then it got better when I saw your work! I had no idea you were an artist, let alone such a fabulously talented one! I really enjoy your choice of subjects. Perhaps if I'm very good, Santa will bring me art for Christmas!! Congrats!!
Colleen Cody-Rupp - 4 Dec 2009
Howdy Sis! Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Deine Kunstwerke sind fantastisch. Ich liebe sie ALLE, aber besonders die Totempfähler. Ich bin stolz Deine Schwester zu sein. Just thought I'd put in something diff. If you want a translation skype me. Karina
Karina Silvergieter - 29 Nov 2009
Finaly visited your website today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great work Frieda, great talent. Sandi
Sandi Rogal - 25 Nov 2009
I am ashamed to say that this is the first time I have visited your web site. For a person that was kind of hands off all that computer stuff you sure have come a long way baby. One day I will own a Frieda! hugs sonja
sonja vernon wood - 8 Oct 2009
Very cool. I like the marine work and the cabin reminds me of ours. I send a pic. Brad
Brad Kehoe - 4 Oct 2009
See I do visit your web page from time to time. Totally awesome prints - I especially the the 7 Up print as I am prone to black n white but the colour finishes it off. We will need to bring a couple of prints back with us after our next visit, Cheers
Doug and Robyn - 15 Aug 2009
Very impressive work Frieda and your site is well done and easy to navigate.
Pearl Taylor - 11 Jun 2009
This is the perfect venue for "growing your art". Love all of them!
John & Lin Maxwell - 6 Jun 2009
Love the Mirror image--absolutely perfect!
Hazel - 26 May 2009
Wonderful work Frieda! So nice to be able to see all your art showcased. I so enjoy the old buildings, huge talent girl!
Wendy Fulcher - 15 Apr 2009
What a great site, Frieda! Your paintings are wonderful and if I'm lucky maybe I'll be able to afford one or two one day.
Kay McCracken - 17 Mar 2009
Hi cous, found it and like it lots - next visit will buy some more ( if there is any left....) Keep going with it!!!
marianne proot - 1 Feb 2009
Frieda, you are on talented girl, I really like the squilax store and the court house, the rest are also awesome.
Keith Phare - 28 Jan 2009
Its great to see that you finally have a new vehicle to show the world your wonderful work. Your talent has been kept a secret far too long. I look forward to checking back from time to time to see what is new, not to mention the poosibility of seeing Finn Slough through your work!
Richard Lewis - 28 Jan 2009
Well done Frieda! I might have to purchase one for myself. They bring back some memories of the old Salmon Arm. I love the court house and the look out especially. Congrats!
Heather Walker - 27 Jan 2009
Congrats. on your web page. Seeing your art makes us long for a visit...maybe this summer?
Paul & Dorothy Martin - 27 Jan 2009
Love them all!Great job Frieda!
Hazel - 26 Jan 2009
Fantastic! Love the way this came together, look forward to veiwing more of your art on here. Congrats, Debbie xxxxxxxx
Debbie Grant - 25 Jan 2009
My fav's are the bicycle leaning on tree and the old boat, also the Sqwylax General store.
John Kernaghan - 25 Jan 2009
Hey Fargo: Looks pretty nice. My favourite is the old truck in the field. Joel
Joel - 25 Jan 2009
You know we are amongst your biggest fans! Well done Frieda -- we look forward to seeing additions to your website now that you have it up and running. Patty and Doug XOXOXO
Patty Cassels - 25 Jan 2009
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