Frieda Martin
Pen & Ink / Watercolours


(posted on 12 Jul 2018)

well, it has been a very busy few months! In May/June I was approached to join 6 other local, female artists (we are 9 now) and form an Art Collective with views to opening our own gallery to display our work. We decided to share space with an exercise studio, as they had a great downtown, storefront location, close to the Public Art Gallery. They of course, use floor space, not so much the walls and they run classes in the morning and some evenings. WE will run our gallery in the afternoons and take turns sitting in the gallery. It is an interesting partnership where we can share rent and both benefit from a great location. We opened up on JUly 6th with a "soft" opening, giving us a chance to "practice" if you will. We have been open 4 business days far so good! There are lots of things to learn, change and accept and we are hoping for a reasonably successful run. Wish us luck and by all means come for a visit!  Lazuline Gallery, 101 Hudson Ave. NE, Salmon Arm, BC