Frieda Martin
Pen & Ink / Watercolours


2018 is providing new inspiration and new venues to pursue! I am planning on entering new shows and putting some of the ones that I have participating in for many years, on hold for this year. I simply cannot enter ALL of them, so choices have to be made. With that comes new excitement and ideas though. I started off the new year with entering the "18" show at Salmon Arm Art Gallery, an exciting show with something like 330 pieces of art work, all had to be 18" x 18", or 18" x 18" x 18". All the flat work is hung within centimetres of each other like tiles from floor to ceiling. Although it goes against the "rules" for hanging art, it looks amazing! In February I am hanging one or two paintings in Enderby's Courtyard Gallery, a new venue for me. I entered two paintings in the on-line FCA show, both got juried in and one received an "Honourable Mention". I plan to enter the Kamloops FCA show in April and participate in Salmon Arm's Culture Crawl in August. I will be paired with From The Neck Up, a hair salon, and hang several paintings in the shop. October brings me to Armstrong's Art Gallery where I will be having a show with Jamie Frazer, Gail Dyer and Molly March. In November I am doing a project for a show at the Salmon Art Gallery involving light or lights...the show is called "Dark Nights". And that is what is on my calendar so far... I think I will be busy!