Frieda Martin
Pen & Ink / Watercolours


(posted on 11 Jan 2013)

Well, feeling snowed in and house-bound! Maybe thats a good thing tho, lots of time to draw and paint. I finished a 12" x 24" painting of a young Birch tree trunk that I am submitting to Shuswap art Gallery for the Juried Member's Show. The theme is "signs of Spring" celebrating the "Calendario" project (a community art project by Runaway Moon Theatre). Jury day is Monday, January 21, I will know on Tuesday if my painting is accepted. Crossed Fingers.

As I had another 12" x 24" canvas and i really enjoyed the subject, I decided to do a similair painting. This time I am drawing out 2 Arbutus trees in a west coast forest. I love Arbutus trees, they have such lovely orange brown peeling smooth bark and green "skin" peeking through under that. Their trunks and branches are very graceful and interesting as well. Stay tuned! And have a cozy weekend!